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Jaguar 25 EC

Best Termite Proofing Chemical In Pakistan..

Jaguar 23 EC

Jaguar25EC, containing Fipronil as its active ingredient @ 25g/l. Jaguar 25EC belongs to the Phenyl Pyrazole group of in-organically synthesized chemicals with GABA inhibition (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) and exhibits domino effect that in return results in killing the queen and thus, completes termite colony eradication. Jaguar 25EC, owing to its delayed mode of killing action, results in sticking to the termite worker insect’s body and thus reaches up to the level of termite colony.This above stated phenomenon has been extensively studied and proved by both the independent scientists/biologists/chemists/terminologists’ at various universities and laboratories throughout the world and also by the scientists at renowned pesticides manufacturers like Rhone Poulenc, Aventis, Bayer, BASF e.t.c. Since its registration in various American and Canadian states and many other countries including Australia, Brazil, South Africa and France, Fipronil has increasingly replaced rest of the repellant and knockdown chemicals in many parts of the world.  Today, Fipronil 25EC is the number one most selling Active Ingredient as termiticide in America. Also, this ingredient has comprehensive trial and environmental data supporting it.

Approved by Environmental Protection Association (EPA) of USA, World Health Organization (WHO), United States Department of Forestry and Agriculture (USDFA), National Pest Management Association of USA (NPMA), Food & Environmental Hygiene Department of Hong Kong and many other government and non-government organization, this very fact of worldwide registrations augurs well with its unique quality as a termiticide and environment friendly as well.

Therefore, at our end, we are definite about the result efficiency of Jaguar25EC as a termiticide and we maintain no doubts at all about its safety factors when applied and handled as per the label recommendations.