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Integrated Pest Management

We Are Providing Integrated Pest Treatment Services In Major Sector

Integrated Pest Management

Each Pest Management plan prepared and designed by considering this sector, as well as variants such as location, weather etc. IPM Enterprises experience vector pest control in pest management and sensitivity to environment-friendly approach contributed to the outstanding success of pest control. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) according to standard WHO, with respect to shelf life and monitor the safety and feasibility of working equipment, in order not to endanger technicians and field supervisors.

Special Services Sector

IPM Enterprises has always operated under the philosophy that espouses green concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), even before environmental awareness became an issue in this domain. IPM Enterprises holistic approach vector and pest control chemicals are not only researching the right to combat pests, but also its impact on the environment, as well as alternative control methods. The main value is placed on monitoring the problem and offer advice about prevention methods to minimize the presence of pests and infestations. Effective IPM program should be designed for each particular situation.