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Mealy Bugs Treatment

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Mealy Bugs

Mealybugs area unit soft-bodied insects that defend themselves with a soft coating. they’re most conspicuously garden pests within the south, and plant pests up north. they are terribly active as children, however calm down to eat after they mature.

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They Cotton Your Plants. Here’s the way to Stop Them.
That white, soft stuff you see on your plants is telling you one thing: you have got mealybugs. Mealybugs cowl themselves in undigested sap, or winter melon, that they suck out of your favorite plants. The soft coating protects them against predators and lots of management product, however you’ll be able to outsmart them. Here’s how:

Prevention and Maintenance

The Best Defense may be a smart Offense.
Healthy plants area unit less vulnerable to coccid insect infestations than plants that area unit hungry, weak, and stressed. If you simply have a number of mealybugs on your plants, attempt laundry them off with a gradual stream of water. Repeat as necessary. it should not utterly eliminate the matter, however it will facilitate keep alittle drawback from developing into an enormous one.

Break Down Their Defenses

That soft coating is sweet protection against several sprays. There area unit 2 ways that to urge around it. One is to use a general bug management. IPMent medicine & Flower Insect Killer Ready-To-Use and IPMent Flower, Fruit & Vegetable Insect Killer area unit absorbed and control within the plant leaves and defend for up to four weeks. once the mealybugs kill the plant, it kills them. differently is to smother them with associate degree oil spray, like IPMent flowering tree Spray. Check the label to form certain your plant is listed and continually follow label directions to be used.